Are you questioning life's

meaning + mysteries?

I offer you

Impartial loving guidance and resources to help you to heal and alchemize areas such as these below...

alchemize; "to transform the nature or properties of

(something) by a seemingly magickal process"

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life balance

For when life seems off course and you don't know how to move forward or in which direction your heart needs to go.


Reacclimate by being in harmony with Earth's rhythms.


For when it is time to go within and discover who you truly are, develop your intuitive skills and learn the practices to help guide you in your daily life.

You are ready to raise your awareness to see the big picture, a new perspective, and welcome personal change, or growth. 


For your ability to lift the veil to the other realms of Spirit, Universe, and more.

Develop communication with your team of Spirit and explore how to channel guidance for yourself and/or others. 

releasing the past

For when you are ready to release your past wounds, blocks, programs and energy that have kept you on the hamster wheel. Embrace the support you have in life. Strengthen your faith + trust after all that has been endured and survived.

personal evolution

For when you are ready to discover your purpose beyond what you do to look after everyone else and reignite your passion for life with a new sense of how you want to be in the world.


Rediscover who you are when you realize that the roles you play in work and family no longer define or confine you.

My Intentions

Providing you with resources that help you to feel more confident & optimistic about who you truly are

You may be experiencing a major life transition or crisis that has thrown you way off balance and now are seeking ways to restore equilibrium and find some degree of peace among it all.

You could be feeling uncertain about life and who you are in the world now that you've started questioning life's meaning and it's mysteries.

You may have even found yourself asking - What does this all mean? Why has this happened to me? How can I navigate through these changes with my heart healed and my mind still in tact?

Whatever your existential questions are, please know that you have the answers within you. I invite you to embark on a journey with me. One that offers you renewed hope, faith, harmony and joy.

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About Courtney

Light Leader & Natural Channel

I am a Light Leader & Natural Channel for Soul seekers who are experiencing a major life transition or crisis that has thrown them off balance and are questioning the meaning and mysteries of life. Others of you are just beginning to lift the veil and connect with Spirit or starting down the path of self/soul discovery.

After the tragic loss of my husband at age 22, I was faced with a dark night of the Soul. One that would ultimately teach me how to cultivate a collaborative relationship with the Spirit world, rebuild my reality and live fully again with restored faith and love in my heart.

My journey from loss to hope, has helped me to heal and transform my own life and the lives of my clients. I will share with you how to embrace and overcome your own dark night of the Soul with down-to-earth intuitive guidance, spiritual tools and practices.

I've discovered that my soul's purpose is to help heal and bring light to the planet and restore peace and harmony to humanity by fully expressing and embodying my magick and power.

I hope to inspire others to do their part in helping to restore peace to the planet, by first finding peace within themselves, in the life circumstances they find themselves in and with the Great Mysteries.



“Courtney simultaneously listens, thinks, reflects and interprets what she hears & feels. The session I had with her was more helpful than the six months of weekly therapy that I had years ago!” 

—  Anonymous

The pathways

Choose your path

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 Guidance For The Collective

Play and learn with practical guidance and teachings from the Cosmos. Expect to be inspired and discover ways to intuit for yourself.

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Recorded Reading of Reiki, Tarot & Intuitive Guidance.

Connect deeper with Earth, Cosmos, and your Team of Spirit.

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For Industry Peers Seeking Collaboration

Tell me about your next event. retreat, telesummit, podcast or mastermind program - because I'd love to contribute to the experience.

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Readings by Courtney

here's what to expect

Courtney creates a playful and loving space for you to explore life's meaning, envision a brighter future and learn tools and practices that help to heal your intuitive heart and strengthen your vital life forces, so that you can truly (and holistically) thrive in the world.

You can expect to have the fog of disillusionment and despair lifted and the lens through which you see the world re-focused on what truly matters.

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