From Loss To Hope

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I've been hearing a quiet voice saying that it is time to share my story with you

You see, I've been through some really tough life challenges.

Times when I really didn't think I wanted to get up and live one more day.

However, there were days where the sun shined into my grieving heart and it was these moments that urged me to open myself up to a much fuller life.


I yearned to find my purpose and learn who I was on the deepest level.

So I started the journey to self-discovery & the meaning of life.


From one who has experienced great loss in life, I am honoured to be sharing my story of how I restored my faith, became my own bridge to the light and discovered immeasurable hope on the other side.

It is my hope that the words I speak will be comfort and medicine for you,

for the times when you find yourself in moments of darkness or light,

or anywhere in between.

I was fortunate to have come across teachers and guides who lived a purposeful and intuitively guided life. They led the way for me.


If you're seeking healing from loss or grief, I sit here now, passing the torch to you.

Listen in carefully and you may also find your own bridge to the light!

Find yourself & your purpose in life!

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Learn the 5 emotional stages that we all experience when challenged by life and change.


Understand and consciously acknowledge the various forms of loss and grief, so that you can heal proactively.


Learn about the healing and therapeutic effects of identifying and reflecting on significant life events.


A guide to finding hope and making choices that help you to restore and reclaim your power and purpose.