The Meditation Corner

a free space for you to simply be

You're expanding your consciousness and want to explore ways in which you can revitalize the world within and around you

Which is why I invite you to sit in The Meditation Corner, where I've crafted a collection of guided meditations for you to choose from, for times when you need to heal, raise your vibration and expand your energy.

​This is your space to simply be and is one of the first steps I offer you (for free), to become a master of manifesting the miracles you want to see in your world - and for the world!

Our world needs to heal now more than ever!

I believe that as we connect and listen to our inner voice (our intuitive intelligence) we find ways to further expand our energy and raise our vibration. As we raise our own vibration we create a ripple effect that raises the vibration and energy around us and that of the planet.

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It's your space to simply be!

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Open your energy channels with healing white light and reignite your inner flame and light as I guide you through a Cleansing Light Bath Meditation.


Tune into the 'Releasing Anger & Low Vibrations Meditation' when you need a light & loving outlet for getting out of funks.


Embrace Your Light & Shine Brighter Meditation is a remedial meditation that helps you to maintain balance while in the midst of chaos.