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The Intention Of The Library

Providing you with resources that help you to feel more confident & optimistic about who you truly are

You may be experiencing a major life transition or crisis that has thrown you way off balance and now are seeking ways to restore equilibrium and find some degree of peace among it all.

You could be feeling uncertain about life and who you are in the world now that you've started questioning life's meaning and it's mysteries.

You may have even found yourself asking - What does this all mean? Why has this happened to me? How can I navigate through these changes with my heart healed and my mind still in tact?

Whatever your existential questions are, please know that you have the answers within you. I invite you to embark on a journey with me. One that offers you renewed hope, faith, harmony and joy.

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What to expect

take a look inside the experience

library resources

learn how to connect with your higher self and the healing energy of the Earth & Cosmos through video teachings and experiential activities

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the meditation corner

a collection of guided meditations for you to choose from, for times when you need to heal, raise your vibration and expand your energy

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exclusive 1:1 guidance

exclusive 1:1 access to Courtney's guidance within the Library & personal invitations to purchase add-on intuitive readings or coaching.


receive a downloadable meditation track upon sign up