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Systematic Alliances on Earth

Updated: Mar 10, 2023

[From Cosmic Disclosure on Gaia with Tim, a German tactical advisor who analyzes and suggests strategies in relation to extraterrestrial groups in contact with Earth.]

“Everyone, every single one, on Earth and the Universe has their own mission and responsibility to commit themselves to the benevolent exploration of the Universe.”

“There are a lot of individuals, very ascended characters, beings, fractions, and federations that are all reaching to everyone and giving their hands and it’s a beautiful message from them.”

“At the present time a lot of patterns haven’t been solved. Earth people are experiencing a very distorted and non-efficient system that is ruling of the Earth in a very non-homogenous way.”

“Things will be more effective in the future and the awareness that we are all connected and having those other alliances and other beings that are helpful and reach back to us and spread information or give hands on advice is very reassuring and very positive.”

Let’s talk about this...

Yes, I do believe that we have many planets and life forms within the Universe that have already made contact with our planet.

I wholeheartedly believe that we are being guided and helped to a better way of life as humans on Earth, “a more homogeneous” experience.

homogeneous; adjective

definition -

  1. Consisting of parts that are the same; uniform in structure or composition:

  2. Of the same or similar nature or kind.

  3. Consisting of terms of the same degree or elements of the same dimension.

What I see repeated multiple times is the word same.

I believe that we are all one conscious source.

When I came upon my spiritual awakening journey in 2008 I kept being drawn to the message of Oneness. I was led to Reiki, Deeksha, Kirtan, and so many other things with all the same message, that we are all made up of a universal life force energy and that we all stem from one source.

I began my practice of seeing myself in others.

We are all one (the same).

Yet, where we are on this planet currently is divided and separate.

We are so angry, stressed and ready to attack while driving our cars, standing in lines, waiting for appointments, and the list goes on. We judge others, critique others, force our opinions on others, stand in what we feel is right and can’t be wrong, etc. The emotions of people are in a fragile state.

But I always look at the hope in situations and see things as the result I wish it to be.

So, coming across the message, from watching Cosmic Disclosure (season 18), gave me a higher connection to the big picture of what’s happening for us humans and our beautiful planet, Mama Earth.

OUR OWN MISSION and responsibility to commit ourselves to the benevolent exploration of the Universe.

What does that mean to you, “the benevolent exploration of the Universe?”

To me, again, I had to break it down.

Benevolent means characterized or suggestive of doing good, agreeable.

With knowing that then I ask myself...

How can we explore the Universe and all the mechanisms that affect us, that we are so far from understanding, in a way that is doing good and that is agreeable?

Can we start to heal our own emotions?

Can we start to see the other person as us?

Can we all agree that we are one?

Can we let go of our differences and separation and come together as one?

Can we apply unconditional love to ourselves and to all?

Is it time to heal and unite as one?


The next statement is where I felt an overwhelming amount of hope because I can see it playing out before my eyes, it is no longer being hidden from us. We have such an easy access to information now, so we can learn how to connect and hear our intuition and attune our frequency to hear the guidance from that which we cannot see.

“There are a lot of individuals, very ascended characters, beings, fractions, and federations that are all reaching to everyone and giving their hands and it’s a beautiful message from them.”

This is exactly what I see happening on such a grand scale. We can see the messages and guidance coming through people on our TV screens, our phones, our books, and across all channels. We are raising our collective conscious through each one of us who connects with their own intuition. With daily practice of listening to our inner compass we contribute to the raising of that collective consciousness on Earth.

It appears to me that it is a natural progression for the next level to be an exploration of the Universe as you tune into your inner communication guidance system. As you expand your consciousness you start to connect with a higher knowing and a cosmic knowingness. It seems to follow that as you are led to heal yourself and expand into a collective awareness the next expansion is into a universal awareness.

My Final Thoughts

It is my belief that we all came from one light source of universal energy and, therefore are all Starseeds, and all things within the Universe are one. I believe that the way we grow as humans into the next phase of this planet is through unconditional love and that starts with loving and healing ourselves.

Thank you for joining me on this blog and here on Earth at this time. It’s going to take all of us seeing one another, really seeing one another to unite as one love. I honor you for arriving here and being a part of this mission. May we all stand together, raise our vibrations into higher consciousness and see the future with hope and the image as we wish to see it.

That’s the key, don’t see it as it is now. Don’t talk about and focus on how bad things are. Talk about how great things are, how you see the hope and positivity in yourself and that rippling out and multiplying. Repeat the image and amplify the image by making it so. You believe it to be that already, right now and every day, over and over again just by being fully immersed in it already being so.

Enjoy your journey of self discovery, soul awakening and connecting to the Universe.


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