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Time For a Shift in My Body

Updated: Apr 8, 2022

Hello lovelies,

It is time, no... it is so way beyond time for me to shift in my body.

Are you with me on this one?

Shout it out if you are on the journey with me!

Why is it time for you?

I have heard the guidance for years that it was time for me to cut the bad habits. I wasn't serving my body; I was punishing it.

It was an interesting juxtaposition because I was actively "in my energy" and loving my body but my ego self was stuck in punishment.

We all have a story, a wound, an emotion binding us to some energy.

When we identify it then we start to heal it.

Now you show up and say to yourself, it is for you and no one else!

We all have been there in some fashion, doing it for whatever the reason that was "outside" yourself. We also know that doesn't work!

It doesn't work because you have an inauthentic energy cord or attachment still.

Not sure what that is?

Let's discover what is holding you back... time to JOURNAL!

Just free write. No thinking from the brain. This all has to come from your emotions and what lies within you. Trust you will get all the right information you need without "being in the head and forcing thoughts to paper."

* Drop into your heart and out of your head.

* Take 3 deep breaths and really fill the belly on each inhale. See the belly rise and fully SLOWLY exhale the belly until it empties and concaves.

* Now say in your higher mind, not the brain (third eye and crown chakra opening)

"Who am I in this body,

I am serving my body,

What am I doing to my body,

Who or What energy am I possibly attached to,

What is keeping me stuck,

When is it really time for me to let go of what I am doing to my body???"

  • Let the free write be a complete letting go, release, let go of the energy of the body holding the pen and feel as if a higher energy has lifted the pen with you to guide the words coming across the page.

  • You get to feel like you are floating in the hands of your team of spirit.

  • Relax your energy, let go of any tensions and thoughts

  • Be completely vulnerable with yourself to not overthink or really think at all

  • Just hear the words and write the words in an effortless flow

  • Your team will speak through you easily and effortlessly when you declare it with them (hint: Law of Free Will; you have to ask for their assistance, communicate with them and allow them to start helping you)

  • So have fun with this process

  • Trust me, you are not weird for going deep with your emotions, I am just the right kind of weird and so are you.

  • Embrace who you are and the journey you are about to go on!

*Go deep and pry into the layers of who you are and what your inner self wants to tell you.


My hidden talent and gifts are to go deep and be super open emotionally and fully expansive into an energetic connection. I was born on a Scorpio full moon so wanting to discover what lingers in the darkness of who we are is just a natural part of who I am. For me, going on a deep dive, self-discovery retreat is absolutely a "100% hellz yeah, I'm so there!"

You each have a hidden talent within you spiritually. We are all made up in a unique way but one in which you can still discover your human soul design, astrological and cosmic alignments that make you who you are.

We can explore these aspects to the depth we wish. Some will not be interested in those type of different understandings in this moment but find excitement and bewilderment down the journey when a newfound understanding to all the many layers of "self" is discovered.

Be open and allow your intuition to lead you.

Your intuition will strengthen as you continue to trust it, listen to it, and take action from that guidance. It strengthens like a muscle when you're using it over and over again. It becomes faster, stronger, sharper, and your ability develops to listen, acknowledge, trust and take action.


Moving the body

Now that we are aware of the energies that kept us stuck and released to heal them, we take the next's time to fully commit to moving the body.

The missing key for me to really put my body first was to make the choice to commit to moving my body daily.

I know my team of spirit feels like they've been beating their heads against a wall by telling me for years to get outside and walk during sunrise and then meditate.

What message have you been hearing?

What has your team of Spirit been trying to tell you?

How do you love to move your body? What feels fun?

Go and START!

When we are fully ready, we make it happen.

No more excuses.

No more doing it for anything "outside" yourself.

No more punishing self at the ego level.

No more making other things a priority but your body.

  • Declare you are ready.

  • Heal and clear the energy blocks/attachments.

  • Allow for your higher self to help you go through an ego death/ completely removing the ego from your present-self vibration .

  • Step fully into who you are - EMBODIMENT OF TRUE SELF.

  • Do things for the body, not against.

  • Move the body in a fun and aligned way for you & connect to that inner child and express your sensual self (This is all really great for Sacral chakra alignment).

  • Spirit has already aligned all of this for you, this journey you are going on is already complete. You are the only one who can stop the flow of this shift from happening.

  • Trust it is already done!


How the ego plays with us and keeps us stuck

Here is how silly my ego can be. I know some of you are totally going to relate to this share.

I have a mini gym in my home. Not a ton of equipment, but I do have more than enough to get me going. Spirit laughs at me because I have heard them say for so very long..."You have all you need within you and all the resources have been aligned."

That is how stubborn my ego self has been.

I have an exercise bike, a really nice elliptical that my dad gave me that is super-duper hard, a Pilates chair, a mini trampoline and a full yoga set up right next to my sacred corner with a new deluxe crystal treatment bed (it's so beautiful, there are wells of crystals lined up for each chakra) and my crystal bowl for sound therapy.

When we are stuck energetically, not moving forward, and taking care of our bodies we are self-sabotaging our wins and our ability of reaching our next level self.


Let us affirm the following into our being'ness...

Let's all be ready to allow Spirit to show us where we are limiting ourselves and holding ourselves back.

Let us be fully ready to forgive ourselves for any past mistakes and regrets.

Let us be able to clear, cancel and delete all old karmic debts and contracts.

Let us let go of all the punishments and other energetic blocks through unconditional love and forgiveness to self.

Let us be fully ready to embody our truest self.

Let us know what that looks like and what that feels like when we are embodying our truest self.

Let us know what it looks and feels like to be living at a higher level in the material world.

Let us be in harmony and alignment with our material world and spiritual divineness.

we affirm ~





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