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Water your plants

(aka; routinely nurture YOU)

If we don't take the time to water and tend to our plants, they suffer, and it shows. The same can be said for you. If you aren't taking the time to stop, see what your body and soul needs, and then nourish it on a consistent basis you too will have signs of neglect and suffering.

I went through a period of time when I wasn't consistently watering my plants on a set routine. Now that I have paid attention to what day of the week it is and how long it has been since I watered them last, they are thriving, and new growth is showing.

This made me say thank you to Spirit for showing me again through nature how things can work for us too. What I love most about messages from nature is they are so simple. Spirit doesn't overcomplicate things. That's the lovely gift of being human. When we strip away the layers of stress and life, we can see the true beauty of nature and what it has to teach us.

I hear nature say, "Tend to yourself with a consistent routine, let it be simple and beautiful."

If we let the act of starting a routine and making it consistent be hard and feel heavy, then we have no joy. The place from all things to create is through joy. If you aren't feeling joy with taking care of yourself, start there. Dig deeper into why you aren't allowing, why you aren't accepting where you are, why you are not choosing peace, keep it going until you discover what is truly holding you back from starting to nurture you.


What are the areas of your life where you could thrive with a consistent routine?


Do you get #restorativesleep ?

Are you getting enough sleep? Is your sleep schedule all over the place? Do you have restful sleep? Does your body feel rejuvenated and ready for the day when you wake? How can you set yourself up for the most restorative sleep possible?


What are you choosing to put into your body? How does this reflect what you are feeling on the inside? What could you start to do differently when it comes to your food? Are you hydrating the body as it needs?

Another #journal / #deepdive you can take is to ask yourself if you've been punishing yourself through the lack of taking care of your physical body. Do you feel separate from your body, as if you are two different entities possibly working against each other at times?

The key to this area is #Forgiveness



A simple #meditationofforgiveness is to sit with your hand over your heart, close your eyes and be fully present in this moment, big deep breathe into that heart chakra space, filling it completely with air, repeating to yourself the mantra "Forgiveness" over and over as you exhale completely and with that exhale you release the energy that was being held onto, release the need for you to forgive through any "figuring it out", allow peace to be there instead, allow yourself to accept it is time to fully release any other feeling than peace. Repeat daily, multiple times a day.



The above meditation is an example of how you can incorporate more mindfulness into your day. The message of this blog post is to bring our awareness to what happens when we slow down and let Spirit talk to us.

There are so many ways they can communicate with you. We don't need to feel all alone in our journey. You have a beautiful team of Spirit always on your side and ready to help you. The thing us humans forget is that we need to open that doorway of communication. It's much harder for them to send us messages, even though they still try, when we are not on a frequency that the channel is coming in clear.

Imagine the old radio systems back in the 50s that you had to keep moving the dial to tune into the right frequency and when you did like magic there was someone on the other side able to communicate with you. That is what your team is waiting for, they need you to tune your frequency so they can communicate with you on a faster and more direct channel.

Once a day, at least, take a moment to silence your thoughts, take a breath, relax the body and be fully present in that moment and in that breath to expand your energy. Be at peace and be open with no expectations for anything but relaxation and peace.

When you allow this to be your consistent routine you will see the signs and receive the messages of guidance from your team. Their nudges to take action.

Taking divinely led action

That leads us perfectly into what we tend to do when Spirit sends us the guidance on which direction to take... nothing :(

We humans like to make things hard, if it is difficult then the suffering is what we are meant to have and are supposed to live through.

That is a term I can introduce to you called "Old Earth" living.

Welcome to New Earth! The fact you are reading this means you have been aligned to your soul and are awakening to your higher consciousness.

These terms may be new to you but the feeling deep within you most likely feels at home with this and wants to reconnect with more innate ancient wisdom from your soul.

When you get the guidance from your daily mindfulness / connection to Spirit, and your higher consciousness TAKE the divinely led action even if you feel a fear or doubt rise up, do it anyway. Remember that fear and excitement are almost the same but it's how you choose to see it. Let the nerves be your excitement and know the gigantic smile awaiting your face when you say, "I did it anyway."

Exercise / Movement

This is the area I struggle with currently the most. I have made routines in almost all the other areas but not this one because it feels the heaviest to me. I have already mapped out where the time for movement in my day would feel right at home, but I haven't taken the leap yet.

There's always an area that we are putting at the bottom of the list because it feels the most daunting and challenging to us.

I wanted to show you how I apply the messages I am receiving through this collective guidance for myself.

So, after I took a deep dive to find out why was I seeing this as daunting and heavy I realized it has fear and self-doubt under it. What fear and self-doubt are coming up? I feel the age I am weighs heavily in my thoughts. I also feel it is much different than when I was in my twenties or thirties. To now be the heaviest and oldest feels overwhelming to begin. The fear of the hard work and determination to commit at the level I know I need to.

Let me apply the New Earth, Higher Consciousness tools to this.

I just forgot who I am. I am strong. I have proven to myself that every time a challenge was in front of me, I rose up in the past to meet it. It may be sad to see this version of me change again. I always relate to the phoenix turning to ash and rising again. My age doesn't mean anything but a number. It is what I see in myself that matters and not what the stereotype of a heavier set middle aged woman is. It may feel overwhelming to get into the groove of the new routine, but I am looking forward to that smile on my face knowing I made the commitment to be consistent to nurturing me.

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