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  • Courtney Eileen

Guidance from Spirit

Today's message from Spirit

What does Spirit want you to know?

“Circle of Eternal Joy. Timelessness ~ Dance of Life.”

Your purpose is to have eternal joy. The soul purpose of life is to live in joy.

You are going to attract a lot of beautiful friendships. It may feel uncomfortable at first because it's something you haven't experienced before. People who don't judge you, they're open to what you've gone through, they see you. You're here to dance, enjoy life and do what you're here to do. That will support itself.

Lack of Trust

The lack of trust you've had if brought forward can infringe upon the relationship you have with the Universe.

There is nothing that you need to think about from your past.

Now is the time to be youthful and go after your dreams.

Now is the time to trust your instincts and see where it leads.

You have a lot of gifts and a lot of youthful energy.

Listen to your intuition for accurate guidance.

What is your intuition? It's communication with your higher power, higher self, Universe, whatever is leading you, guiding you.

Face your fears and grow stronger.

Face your fear of wanting to be accepted by others.

You accept you.

Then you attract that acceptance of you in others.

Have courage!

Have courage to walk your path.

Wherever you see yourself in the highest light.

If you can imagine, "this would be the best life, this is the life"

That's what you are meant to live and create here on Earth.

In this it brings eternal joy.

That manifests within others.

You have the blueprint.

Your gifts and strengths you are overlooking.

You've always been in the fight or pulling yourself up.

Follow your heart.

Hear the ancient ones.

You're connected to ancestors.

Hear them through silence.

Hear them through nature.

Connect with someone who can help you connect with this higher power that you have.

Through your creations you will heal and inspire.

Have courage.

Follow your dreams.

Balance connecting with spirit and the practical world.

There is a higher perspective that can disconnect you from the pain and awaken you to the life that you truly desire.

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