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I'm Courtney Eileen, your Spiritual Teacher and guide here in Kindred Spirits.

My Story:

I was struck by tragedy at a very early age which led me to the path of self discovery and a deep connection with spirit. Learning along the way how to live through loss.

When I opened to my intuition life became magical.

My Mission:

I now help others to heal their hearts and know without a doubt they are able to live their best life.

I teach you how by providing resources from the Spiritual Toolbox and encouraging you to find your own daily practice that cultivates love & light in your life.

As Kindred Spirits we align with the vibration of Spirit - Universe - Source and manifest all our heart's desires by doing so.

Together we shine our lights, expand through unconditional love, non-judgment and forgiveness and we get to send that out to ripple across the world.

Courtney xxx

Courtney Eileen
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