I am a Reiki Master which means that I can tune in and connect with your energy field. This helps me to provide insights to you about the energy I'm receiving. 


What I can do is to connect you with your team of spirit. When I say team of spirit, I am combining all the energies of God (or however you identify this higher source), Universe, your higher self, guardian angels, spirit guides, loved ones, etc.

We tend to forget that the Law of Free Will states that our team of spirit cannot interfere unless we call upon them for help. There is so much that they want to share with you to help guide you along the path that is for your highest and best. 

I help you lift the veil to spirit and connect with the guidance meant for you. This will help bring your awareness to that which you need to know so you may align to your highest vibration and attract that which you desire. 

It is always my intention to provide the most healing space. As I record your personalized reading I am bringing your energy into a space of being held. You are receiving the messages of tarot and from your team,  but I am also simultaneously working within your energy field as a Reiki Master to rebalance your chakras, cut cords, seal energetic leaks and any other tasks I am led to provide. I do explain what I am receiving and doing energetically for you in your recording as well.

The reading will consist of, but is not limited to, tarot card messages and Reiki energy work and many times I am also intuitively guided to teach spiritual tools and practices to incorporate into your daily life. 

- Submit the form at the end of this page to book.

- Upon viewing that interest form an email with a link to pay will be sent back to you.

- Once payment is received you will receive files to download within 24-48 hours.

one time rate  /  $111

Personalized Readings




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Personalized Readings
- Monthly package

monthly rate /  $555


Receive personalized readings every week (4 per month).

45 minute readings video recorded in mp4 format.

You will receive both formats of audio and video files for your preferred method of listening.


We will start your package by meeting on phone or zoom for a 20–30-minute intention setting session. I will gather information as to what you wish to receive from this package. We will also determine if you wish to receive your weekly recordings on Tuesdays or Wednesdays.

*Booking form at the end of this page.


Rock Maze

Monthly Coaching package

monthly rate /  $1111

3 month minimum

Very limited number of coaching packages available.

I work very intensely with coaching clients and therefore the amount of energy it takes to hold space, encourage accountability and perform deep dive sessions is a lot to take on as a spiritual coach.

- We will meet twice a month on a zoom or phone call, as per your preference.

- In between call sessions you can update me on your progress or challenges through short messages on what's app. 


- We will keep you progressing and moving forward through homework as guided in sessions.

** To become a coaching client - first I will send you a form to complete. Then I will contact you to schedule an interview call if I feel I can be the right coach for you. It is imperative that we both feel it is a great fit for both of us in order for the coaching package to begin and be successful. 

Call sessions will be scheduled on Thursdays between the hours of 10am-5:30pm PST. 


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It's time for you to...

Wake up your intrinsic power


Get in touch with your emotions and intuition

To know that the way you are living may not be the way you are supposed to live 

Learn there are other ways of living

Lift the veil to spirit

Create your own financial freedom and not be stuck in the "system"

Be independent

Understand you have a power & you CAN do everything

Know you don't have to be entangled within a confined energy

Know you ARE emerging

Expand your heart's capacity for love

See beyond the illusion of 3D living

Understand how to expand through 4D & into 5D

Know this is where the true power lies and it is all within yourself, everything you need you already have.


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