Starseed Medicine Wheel

The Journey from 3D Living to 5D Expansion

This e-book is a summary of what the Starseed Medicine Wheel is and how it works. It is styled like a "Starseed Medicine Wheel for Dummies" approach so that you can understand the basics in the most down to Earth and easy to digest way. 

Once you complete the book you can add your name to the waitlist for the workshop to implement the Starseed Medicine Wheel into your life. This will be an in-person workshop, with a limited amount of virtual tickets available.

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Essential Oils are one of my favorite ways to get into the connection with my higher self and Spirit. 

They are our medicine from Mama Earth and I love the quality that Doterra offers.

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I called my Color Street shop Nailmart. A little spin on names because I love how many amazing color choices you get to choose from, how convenient and easy they are to apply and the great prices, just like Walmart.

I was spending tons of time and money on gel nails and fancy looks. Then a high school friend posted about how she started with Color Street and once I tried them I fell in love. After a few orders I decided to get my own distributor bag full of colors and supplies for such a great value and am now selling them myself. It's so much fun!

Check out my "How To" video on applying them to your nails here.

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