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Healing Hearts + Bridges Of Light‏

Updated: Apr 8, 2022

I have been on many journeys through my life. The common theme in my life is of love and loss. Today I share with you a quick excerpt of my story - a story of healing and self-discovery through it all.

Healing My Heart

We don't 'get over' a loss, we live through it. We are Survivors.

I heard many times "you will get over it." That never felt right to me. Actually, I felt it was hurtful for someone to say. When you are honoring a loved one that has passed on the last thing you want to accept is that you will just get over them. That seemed as if their presence was something that could be lost and I never wanted to experience life feeling as if they were no longer with me. This could also be said of any type of loss you experience. We want to honor and not down play the depth of the feelings we have towards that loss.

Discovering Self Through Intuition & Energy Work

Understanding and strengthening your intuition is a gift into a world beyond the reality of what we see and touch.

I was blessed to have found one of my “callings” when I decided to attend aesthetic school. My journey into energy work began upon completion of that course when I inquired about essential oils. A teacher suggested an instructor for aromatherapy. When I contacted her she said there was an upcoming Reiki I class. I immersed myself in every Reiki class she offered and it all grew from there.


REIKI: a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing.

Rei = Universal Life Ki = Energy = Universal Life Force Energy


This created a massive shift in my life and the world of spirituality opened so many doors of opportunity. I started working with clients one on one putting my knowledge into practice. I attended as many meditations as possible, classes, retreats, online courses, and anything else I was feeling led to. I became a sponge soaking it all up and wanting more.

I kept connecting to this feeling or “knowingness” (my next calling) that was to help heal the world, because it really is my belief that through helping those in need I can also help heal the Earth.

Nature's Gift To Us & Why I Care

When you study Reiki you learn that everything is made up of energy. Everything on this planet has a vibration. We are all one collective. The energy I vibrate has a direct relation to the energy of that around me. When I focus on raising my vibration and of oneness (acceptance and unconditional love) it has a ripple effect for the greater good of the planet.

Here’s the thing; I have been connected to the environment since I was a young girl and wanted to help save the rainforests, the endangered animals, and really all of those that couldn’t help themselves.

Through my spiritually enlightening journey I have found that as we help ourselves heal and others, in my case, we are sending a positive energy out into the world. It is this positivity that helps to balance the energy of our planet. Again, this is just my belief and doesn’t have to be for everyone.

What I love is that we can be reading and gathering information and it is up to us what we take away from that. There are some things that I read and connect with everything the author is saying and then there may be a sentence or two that didn’t quite connect. It is perfectly okay for me to just say “Okay, I didn’t quite get that or connect with that but I am going to take away all this other great information and let that soak in and leave the rest.”

That is my intention for you. My mission is to share my teachings and to help guide others through life’s journey by having a conscious relationship with our Higher Self, our great Earth and the healing gift that nature offers us. That is my big WHY!

What's possible when we become Bridges of Light?

As a Bridge of Light, we use our ability to be in our light and expand our light. We ground, connect and center ourselves so that we can expand our light beyond our physical body and this energetic body we are within. When we hold the intention to share and expand our light to all across the planet, we strengthen our own hearts and also help to strengthen the collective heart of humanity.

Thank you for reading, thank you for showing up in this space with me!

I would love to hear about you and your journey through life. Connect and share in the comments or email me.

Much Love & Light,

Courtney xx

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